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About Us

At Linkslinger Productions we offer simple Internet Marketing solutions for your business or personal website.


What is SEO??

Internet Marketing And Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In A Nutshell.

Search engines rank websites in their indexes relative to votes cast by other websites in the form of hypertext links from one site to another. Its like a popularity vote. The more votes the better, or the more links the better. Though its not as simple as that: other considerations are the quality of the votes supplied.

The quality of votes supplied means:

1) The previous ranking by the search engines of the website that is providing the link to your website.

2) The demographic of the votes cast, meaning the age of the website casting the vote. An existing website that has been acknowledged by search engines as an authority website, that has been around for say 5 years will cast a stronger vote than another website that is only 12 months old etc.

3) The location of the website casting the vote. If there are many websites casting votes to your website from many different places around the world, this shows to the search engines that your website has a wide audience and then grants it higher rankings accordingly.

The opposite of this would be 50 domains hosted on just one server, each with links pointing to your website. This situation in the past used to work well though these days does not help get your website ranking highly for competitive terms in the search engines. The best case scenario is to get a LOT votes or links from previously aged, high trafficked, high ranking websites from all around the world casting votes via links to your website. This is the recipe for success in getting your website ranked for competitive terms that supply free search engine traffic to your website.

Linkslinger Productions offers a variety of services for your Internet Marketing &  SEO needs as well as getting you set up with a website if you do not currently have one.


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